Of Life & Lemons

2020, a year filled with hope and new beginnings came to an abrupt crash and burn back in January. It threw me off course and changed my life and perspective as I knew it forever. Six months on, here I am still picking up the pieces but healing slowly, thanks to an incredible family and a few close friends.

Starting this food blog was accidental just like my culinary experiments. What started out as a distraction from my pain and angst gradually turned into something exciting and enjoyable. The current quarantine too, has given me added incentive to go berserk in the kitchen. My ‘captive’ audience at home don’t seem to mind though 🙂

A few months of trials and mistrials in the kitchen later, I can now say I’m more cook and less amateur. As I keep moving up the learning curve, here are the three things I want to share with you through this blog:

  1. Ideas and recipes for tasty, wholesome and healthier cooking
  2. Handpicked & carefully curated recipes from family, friends and fellow foodies
  3. Simplify ingredients and DIY techniques

This year has been an unkind and challenging one not just for me but for so many of us across the world. I hope that through this blog, you find hope and comfort in food that sparks nostalgia and brings you joy.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ambat Rajendran says:

    Great going….congrats and all the best


    1. rajanambat says:

      Very Nice


  2. Subramaniam says:

    Superb. Great start


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